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"I would recommend Encompass because of the success we have experienced. We have been able to cope with problems better, making less stress, which gives us more time to spend on other things we like to do."
"Encompass listens to our problems and helped us adjust to the reality of things. They showed us that after all we aren't much different than anyone else."
"Our home was always in commotion with fighting all the time. We now have more peace in our home. We have more time to enjoy life together."
"I love how my counselor pushed me to try things I didn't think I could do."
"One thing I thought was helpful was participating in groups. I didn't want to at first, but eventually got used to talking in front of people."
"Encompass is a safe place to talk about your problems."
"I am able to put the past in perspective."
"The professional and friendly staff, including my medical doctor and counselor, have been a lifesaver. My counselor has helped me by allowing me work through issues past and present. Now I have an even better outlook."
"Their counseling services are professional yet friendly. They are helpful in telling clients about different programs available to them. I count many blessings with finding Encompass!"
"They saved my life. They helped me save my life. I'm always learning and understanding myself a little more. My week is always better after meeting with my counselor."
"The difference in my life since Encompass is like day and night. My life continues in a much more postive manner than before. My life is improving."
"Their counselors always have their patient's welfare first."
"I have learned to help myself on many fronts in my life."
"The doctors, nurses and counselors have helped me learn to deal with conflicting thoughts and actions. I mainly enjoy all the groups. I'm very thankful for Encompass."
"Encompass helps me feel like I was worth being alive and I have great friends and it's a great way to keep my mind postive."
"The doctor's office is always clean and I never sit in the lobby for long waiting for my doctor. They're very fast but they make sure that all of my needs are taken care of."
"The team at Encompass really cares about its clients and works extra hard to keep its clients happy. Encompass Medical has probably saved my physical health with their health classes."
"I recommended a friend to Encompass and told him about the great counselors and doctors and all the help you get through them."
"Through my counselor I have learned how to control panic attacks and stress. It's life changing!"
"Encompass is a wonderful place! Not only did I learn about domestic violence, but it also taught me a lot about myself and how to handle situations with everyday life."
"I have a different outlook on life, I have a better sense of how to handle situations, everyday life, relationships, etc."
"My doctors in the medical team take good care of me and they help me take good care of my health."

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