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Psychological Testing and Assessments


Have you been referred for psychological testing or an assessment? Psychological testing and assessments can feel intimidating, but they’re actually powerful tools that are designed to help you.


Psychological tests and assessments serve some of the same purposes as medical tests. If you are physically unwell and you go to the doctor, your doctor may order blood tests or x-rays to understand the cause of your symptoms. With the test results in hand, your doctor can then develop a plan of action to restore your health.


The tests and assessments are used to understand a patient’s behavior, develop a diagnosis and build a solid treatment plan.


There are many reasons that a Psychologist will test and assess a patient. For example, if your child is struggling in school, he or she may be given an aptitude test or a test for learning disabilities. If a person is experiencing issues in their work or home life, psychological tests can help the psychologist determine whether or not there may be interpersonal skill issues or issues with anger management as well as personality traits that are adding to the problem. Tests can also be administered to evaluate emotional disorders like depression or anxiety.


Our Psychologist, Peggy Taylor, Psy.D., a.s.p.p.b., can assess you or your family member with a diagnosis that can assist the Counselor, Psychiatrist or Case Manager in establishing an appropriate treatment plan. She can also administer an IQ test  to assist the school in developing an Individual Educational Program, or an adult for cognitive disabilities. The Psychologist's role is a key part in diagnosing an individual (adult or child) when enrolling in our mental health services.



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