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Encompass offers housing for the seriously mentally ill (SMI) as well as transitional housing for those in recovery for substance abuse disorders.  


Mending Rock Sober Living Home is an alcohol and drug-free transition home that provides a positive environment for peer group recovery.



After making the decision to achieve sobriety, individuals in our community struggle with finding affordable housing, employment, and learning how to provide for themselves while seeking an alcohol and drug-free environment.


Mending Rock promotes individual recovery by providing an environment that allows the residents to develop individual recovery programs and become self-supporting.





Mending Rock offers a safe environment to help our community members get back on their feet both financially and physically. The sober living home provides each resident with the support of like-minded people, making recovery a group effort rather than having to face the struggle alone.



Our goal is to provide life changing outcomes by eliminating barriers to care. Each person’s health and wellness is our focus in providing a full continuum of care. We believe that recovery is a journey of healing which allows a person to live a meaningful life while striving to reach their full potential.  Mending Rock is a 90-day to 6-month transitional house for adult men only (18 or over). To enter the program, residents must have completed a substance abuse program and currently be maintaining abstinence.



• 24 hour crisis

• Individual, group, and family counseling,

• lOP (intensive Outpatient services),

• Living skills - Learn independent living, social, communication skills to maximize client’s ability to live and participate in the community and function independently.

• Behavioral Health Promotion - Education and training on health-related topics such as the nature of the illness, relapse and symptom management, stress management

• Job Training and Employment -Tools and techniques to help identify education or employment goals and assistance in achieving those goals.


For more information call (928) 645-5113

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