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If you’re struggling with substance use and feel that you have nowhere to turn, the Rural Substance Abuse Transitional Agency (RSATA) is here for you. Our staff has successfully helped thousands of people through the difficult and potentially deadly detoxification process.


With 9 beds for male clients and 3 beds for female clients, the RSATA provides a safe environment where clients can undergo detoxification with dignity, surrounded by people with a genuine passion to guide them onto the path of sobriety.


Along with providing a supportive and caring atmosphere, the facility also brings clients to the point of stability, educates them on the effects of substance use, returns them to their natural setting/home  environment, or assists them to receive additional long-term treatment.



RSATA is open to anyone with a desire to work toward sobriety. To accommodate this, clients can stay in our unlocked facility anywhere from a few hours up to 30 days.


For more information call (928) 645-4934

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SottoPelle® Recognizes Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, for Outstanding Contributions to BHRT and Her Quality Care for Her Patients
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