Traffic Survival School (TSS) – $120
TSS is an 8-hour educational program required for most people receiving a DUI or red light violation in Arizona. You must have your MVD notice to register.


Adult Matrix – $25 per group
In-depth relapse prevention and early recovery skills group for those struggling with alcohol and/or drug use. Group provides clients with the skills needed to embark upon a successful recovery journey.


Juvenile Matrix – $25 per group
16-week intensive outpatient program for children ages 13-17. Gives young clients the knowledge, structure and support to evaluate the significance of their drug and alcohol use, moves them to a place of abstinence and provides support for sustained recovery.


16-Hour Education – $192 (Fee must be paid in full before day of class.)
This class is for court-ordered & MVD clients with a DUI. Level I participants must attend 16-hour group and enroll in Recovery 101. Group discusses: alcohol as a drug and its psychological effects; the effects of alcohol and drugs on driving; consequences of alcohol and drug use; DUI penalties; methods for determining blood alcohol content; criminal penalties; community resources and interventions; alcohol and drug treatment approaches; alternatives to drinking or using drugs and driving.


Healthy Relationships / Domestic Violence Group – $25 per group
Healthy Relationships is an intensive anger management and domestic violence education group that also includes substance abuse. This group is sanctioned by Adult Probation, Juvenile Probation, the court system, Page Hospital and the Page Police Department.


Alcohol/Drug Screening - $100
Fee due at time of screening. Court/Probation order required at time of appointment.


Domestic Violence Screening - $100
Fee must be paid in full at time of screening. Screening takes about an hour and you must provide a copy of the court paperwork at the time that the appointment is made.


Department of Transportation SAP Evaluation - $242 (includes drug screen)
Any individual who has a positive alcohol or drug screen in a safety sensitive job under DOT rules and regulations is required to see a qualified SAP professional for an evaluation. We assess employees from a variety of safety sensitive industries including: Airline (FAA), Freight Transport (FMCSA), US Coast Guard (USCG), Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and Railroad (FRA). Follow-up appointments will be required (at an additional cost).

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